Camo Bak

Camo Bak™ Water Replenisher


Filling the reservoir

  1. Remove the inner collapsible reservoir from the outer pack.
  2. Fill the liquid reservoir to the desired level with water (and ice if desired).
  3. Seal tightly and check for leaks.
  4. If not filled completely, remove any trapper! air by inverting and squeezing the Bite Valve mouthpiece to purge.
  5. Insert the filled reservoir into the pack with the filling port at the top of the pack.
  6. Note: the tubing is compatible with most water purifiers. By removing the Bite Valve, you simply plug the tubing onto the discharge side and fill through the tubing.


Cleaning and Storing the CamelBak

  1. Always rinse well with hot water after every use.
  2. A double teaspoon solution of household bleach in a full reservoir of water will sanitize the reservoir .A double teaspoon of baking soda in a full reservoir of water left overnight helps reduce residual taste and odor.


Ergo HydrolookThe ergo hydrolock shuts off flow for added security during transport and the 90 degree bend puts the Big Bite T Valve into an ergonomic position for drinking. With a simple flip, the on/off mechanism can be activated or shut off.


Big Bite, Valve MouthpieceMade from 100% medical grade silicone, CamelBak’s patented one piece design is simple to use and clean. Just bite and sip. The mouthpiece is removable for cleaning. Never use sharp instruments on the valve, if the slit does not appear, pinch the valve and roll between your fingers until the slit opens.


Screw Cap ClosureThe Screw Cap Closure lets you easily fill the reservoir while providing a positive seal for leak proof performance. The extra wide opening is large enough for ice cubes, for hot conditions. A heavy duty vinyl tether secures the cap. The reservoir holds 50 oz (1.5L) of water and weighs 3.7 Ibs (1.7kg) when full.


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