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How a mascot can improve your business

Here are a number of ways that a character costume can benefit your business:
1. Increased exposure of company

  • Highly effective in creating awareness, building loyalty and importantly, selling the product
  • Mascots create media exposure and excitement. At community events, the mascot is often photographed for print media or filmed for TV news

2. Appeal to the human psyche

  • A mascot’s personality can distinguish a brand.
    I.e. The Mack Trucks bulldog mascot evokes toughness and strength

3. Build brand recognition of a product

  • Generate goodwill for the brand
  • Act as an ambassador for the brand by providing a voice for the company’s social conscience
  • Can act as a rallying icon for community identification (for example, baseball fans doing the “Tomahawk Chop”)
  • Create a more memorable marketing hook for promotional campaigns

4. Serve as the vehicle to quickly remind customers who you are and what you stand for

  • They create the necessary positive image need for a message campaign to be a success

5. Attract new potential customers to learn more about your company

6. Incentive to get families to visit

7. Used as an educational tool and conveys a message

8. Create enthusiasm for any sporting event, fundraising event and participation in a program

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