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Here are some commonly asked questions we encounter from our customers. If you have suggestions for new questions in our faq, please submit them through our contact form.

1. How do I use a mascot?

2. What makes one mascot better than the next?

3. How do I know who is reputable?

4. How will I benefit from the use of a mascot?

5. Can the artwork created for my mascot be duplicated into character costume form?

6. Do I have to pay a fee for the development of costume design artwork?


1. How do I use a mascot?

Mascots are truly a unique marketing tool for any organization. It is becoming increasingly difficult to expose business or introduce new products to the public, and adopting a mascot for promotional purpose is a good solution to the problem. A mascot is not limited to visual attention alone but through careful planning and consistent use, it can portray a character with definite personality and purpose. Character costumes will be instantly associated with a company or a trademark creating a lasting impression in the public eye. A mascot is very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Generating goodwill, it provides the best return for an investment by participating in community activities, media promotions, sporting events, parades, and other business applications. It establishes a strong reputation and creates a highly visible image.

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2. What makes one mascot better than the next? Are all costumes comparable?

There is a considerable difference in the type of mascots that are available in the marketplace. As far as International Mascot Corporation is concerned, it is important to provide a correct translation from the artwork to the final product, while maintaining a high degree of quality workmanship. As a potential mascot user, it is important for you to determine the types of venues your mascot will be used in and how the costume is to be utilized. These are important factors when producing performer friendly costumes. Special care is given to ease of mobility, vision, durability, and ventilation – you must not forget that an operator’s comfort is imperative. So, when comparing costumes, be sure to watch for artwork translation, quality workmanship, and performer friendly designs.

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3. There are a variety of “costume companies” on the internet. How do I know who is reputable?

The internet has opened the door wide open for businesses to offer their services to the world! But how do you know if the company you may be dealing with is reputable?

Here are some helpful steps you should follow when looking for a reputable costume company.

  • Consider the client base and ask for referrals.
  • Look at their years of service and what the company has to offer. Some companies sell mascots as a sideline business; while other companies offer a full range of services for mascots.

At IMC, mascots is our ONLY business! We offer a full range of services for customers interested in having a mascot produced and a program developed.

This includes:

Our staff possesses a wealth of experience in many different industries and major events such as; the Toy and Licensing Industry, the Amusement Industry, the Olympic and major Sports Programs, the Franchise Industry, and Corporate branding.
We are the only mascot company in the world with an International office network. For customer convenience, we have offices and affiliates in Edmonton, Toronto, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Madrid, and Osaka.


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4. If I choose an IMC mascot, how will I benefit?

By choosing IMC, not only will you be purchasing a quality costume, but you will be purchasing a team that will work with you all the way!

Our costume guarantee is tops in the industry: If you are not satisfied, simply return the costume and we will make the appropriate changes until you are satisfied!

Our pricing guarantee is like no other: If you have received a quotation from a comparable costume company, simply let us know and we will guarantee a lower price!

Our after sales service is second to none: At IMC we believe that our obligation does not stop when the mascot is delivered. We insure that our customer is serviced for the life of the mascot.

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5. Can the artwork created for my mascot be duplicated into character costume form?

The artwork developed by IMC is created for the sole purpose of duplicating into character costume form. Some mascot companies provide animated artwork in their attempt to win a contract. But, you must understand that it is very difficult to transfer animated or promotional artwork into a mascot. Before you purchase a mascot, make sure you check to see how well the mascot company is able to transfer the art image into the final mascot design.

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6. Do I have to pay a fee for the development of costume design artwork? Do I own the rights to the design?

Many mascot companies will charge a fee for the conceptual development of a character costume. These fees can range from $500.00 to $25,000.00 and, in some cases, this does not insure that the ownership rights for the design transfer to the client!

At IMC, there is NO CHARGE for our designing service. This allows our potential customers to view a wider variety of designs prior to making a final decision on the design that meets with their expectations. Furthermore, upon selecting IMC as your vendor, the ownership rights to the character design are automatically transferred to the customer. By following this approach, our clients are able to feel comfortable with the knowledge that the character design is their possession, with no concerns regarding ownership.

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