Mascot Accessories

In order to enhance your costume character program, IMC offers the following accessories:

Carrying Bags

Cost: $100 US/each
A durable nylon bag to help with the easy transportation of your costumes. It comes in 3 sizes: Small – 30 x 30 x 30 inches, Medium – 26 x 22 x 50 inches and Large – 35 x 45 x 30 inches

Shipping Cases

Cost: Price: $395 and up
Polyethylene Case
This case is manufactured from 1/8” plastic panels, with the corners braced with steel moldings. The case lid is a separate component that fits telescopically over the base of the case. The handles are riveted to the sides and the top of the case, while interlocking straps secure the case and lid together.

ABS Plastic Laminate Case
This case is made out of plastic laminated plywood panels with steel angle iron corners. Heavy-duty hinges, handles, and latching hardware make this case very durable. Casters are available for easier handling. The interior of the case is lined with carpet. This case is available in multiple colors.

Aluminum Case
This case is manufactured from ¼” plywood panels, with the exterior covered in aluminum sheeting and angle iron corners. The interior of the case is foam lined for added protection of the contents. Heavy-duty hinges, handles, and latching hardware make this case very durable. Casters are available to assist in handling of the case.

Pullout handle and Tilt casters are available on ABS and Aluminum case (size restrictions).

Fan Unit/Dual Fan Unit

Cost: $75.00 US/each to $295.00 US/each
To improve performer comfort and extend costumes performance times. The fan is permanently installed in the head of the costume.

Charging the Battery
Remove the battery from the costume and charge as soon as possible after each use. Connect the battery cord to the charger cord, matching the colour coded connectors. Plug the charger into a wall outlet. Charge for a minimum of 6 hours, and up to 12 hours. Do not charge the battery longer than 12 hours. The battery can be destroyed from overcharging.

A fully charged battery should last up to 4 hours. Do not store the battery inside of the costume. Make sure all of the components are kept together after your performance. Storing the fan components in a small bag will ensure the pieces do not get lost.

If the fan unit is not being used for an extended length of time, charge the battery every 6 months and store it in a cool place.

Depending on the size of your costume, the battery will be either be placed in a foam box inside of the head, or in a pouch worn around your waist, underneath the costume.

Battery Box
Insert the fully charged battery into the battery box inside of the head. Connect the battery cord to the fan cord. Turn on the fan using the switch.

Battery Pouch on Waist
If your head is small, you will probably have a battery pouch to hold your battery. Strap the battery pouch around your waist with the fully charged battery inside of it. Run the long cord up the inside of the costume so that it sticks out at your neck. Attach the battery cord from the waist pouch to the fan cord in the head. Turn on the fan using the switch.

Cool-U™ Phase Change Vest

Cost: $150.00 US/each
Designed to improve performer comfort and prolong performance times. Cooling energy is created from a unique non-toxic Phase Change Material mechanically sealed in durable inserts. After freezing the insert pouches in ice water or refrigerator or a freezer for approximately twenty-five minutes, a constant temperature of 58F/14C is achieved for up to 1hour. The vest has side and shoulder velcro adjustments to accommodate various sizes and shapes. Each vest includes 4 insert pouches and weighs approximately 5-5½ pounds. The vest is made of Cotton and is machine washable.