Our Products

Mascots and Costumes

IMC is a costume specialist, delivering costume solutions that really work for you!  International Mascot provides three costuming styles, Conventional Meet and Greet costumes, Inflatable Walkabout costumes and Aquatic mascots designed exclusively for use in water.  Visit our Mascots and Costumes page for additional information and our Gallery to view IMC’s diverse array of mascot costumes.

Mascot Costume Accessories

IMC provides a wide range of costume cooling accessories that prolong costume performance times and enhance the quality of your costume performances. To protect your costumes in transit IMC offers an array of shipping case and carry bag options to choose from. Costumes can accessorized be outfitted with special effects including lighting systems, mechanical costume feature movements and effect, costume voice systems and more!  Visit our Costume Accessories for details.

Inflatable Advertising Displays and Products

International Mascot integrates a diverse range of outdoor inflatable advertising products to augment and reinforce the power of your character costume program!  Products specifically branded to your organization and mascot spokes character are a great way to elevate your mascot to new heights!  See what’s possible on our Inflatable Advertising Displays page!

Promotional Products

Let the audience take your mascot home!  International Mascot is your source for a diverse array of advertising specialties and promotional products, each produced to accurately capture your mascot’s distinctive design and reinforce their promotional messages!  View IMC’s Promotional Products page to see how plush toys, mini inflatables and other advertising specialties can enhance your mascot costume program.