Mascot Creation

Mascot Creation

You are interested in creating a mascot, have lots of questions, and don’t know how to begin?

  • Cost? – Costumes pricing ranges between $2,500 and $7,500
  • Design? – Character design services provided free of charge
  • How Long for Design and Development? – Costumes designed and produced in as little as four weeks

See how easy it is to transform your character ideas into a mascot costume in six easy steps

1. With your costume goals defined IMC’s art department provides illustrated concepts for your review.  Whether it requires one illustration or ten IMC’s free costume design service will provide you with a character concept that meets with your approval.
2. We provide the options, you decide the final touches! Select your own fabric swatches, performer height ranges, cresting detail and more.
3. You’re probably wondering what will this all cost? We will prepare a complete proposal and whether or not you want to move forward is your decision. Up to this point there is NO OBLIGATION.
4. From illustration to costume development maquette character models or full costume sculptures are provided as your mascot costume takes shape.
5. We will send you digital photos so you can comment on the design during various stages in the production process. IMC keeps your concerns and comments at the forefront throughout the production cycle.
6. Your character goes through the final finishing stages and moves onto the Quality Control area for the final stamp of approval. After design, production, quality control and your final approval, your character has come to life.

Congratulations! Your character is ready to be a goodwill ambassador for your organization at all of your business expos, conferences, sporting events, children festivals, grand openings and more.