Costume Manufacturing

Costume Manufacturing

IMC is one of the worlds largest mascot costume manufacturers.  With over 32,000 sq. feet of manufacturing facilities and 40 + costume designers IMC has the capacity to meet your costuming requirements.

IMC has produced over 25,000 costumes over the past 30 years for a diverse range of clients from High Schools and Charitable Organizations to Major Motion Picture Companies and Olympic Organizing Committees.


Whether you require 1 or 100 costumes IMC can meet your needs. Typical lead time is 6 to 8 weeks and with over 40 costume designers IMC can provide you with a custom manufactured costume in a little as two weeks if needed!

All our costumes are made to order and custom manufactured to meet your costume design and performance requirements. IMC provides Conventional Meet and Greet, Aquatic and Inflatable costumes and we can create virtually anything! Superheroes, Logos, Imaginary Creatures, Food Items, Cartoon Characters, Branded Packaging, Birds, Animals, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Aquatic Animals and even Viruses IMC has created them all!

IMC can transform your two-dimensional character design artwork into a 3D sculpted maquette haracter model enabling you and our designers to collaborate and visualize the size, shape and proportions of your character costume before construction!


IMC is proud to provide our clients with the best combination of costume quality and value and this is most prevalent when asked to produce large quantities of duplicate costumes.  With high quality character costumes priced as low as $2,500 with the capacity to fulfill costume orders of 750 units + in just 3 months!