International Mascot Corporation Helps

He’s been training in secret for years and has mysteriously surfaced as Canada’s most prolific multi-event competitor ever! Who is this mystery individual? See if you can you guess?

  • He’s the world’s first competitor who can pole vault and high jump without the use of landing mats.
  • He consistently lands on his feet, no matter the height.
  • A true altruistic creature and real humanitarian, his main mission in life is to share his special abilities and talents with his fellow Canadians, humans and animals – it makes no difference.
  • He has claws for traction on the track, and can run, throw and leap with the best of them.
  • He’s really good at “9” disciplines and is working on a 10th (Distance running!)
  • He wants to help and coach others to achieve their very best at all times.
  • He always lands on his feet and hopes to land on podiums for Canada in the future!
  • He easily floats over hurdles and runs the sprints like a cheetah.

Give up? His name is “Fast Eddy.” Raised as a cub in Edmonton, Canada-Fast Eddy is the quickest cat on the track! It’s time to meet Fast Eddy, Track Town Canada’s newest mascot, designed by the creative team at International Mascot (IMC).

The creative art process that brought Fast Eddy to fruition was accomplished by IMC’s own Tom Sapp (artist and designer). It took over a month to develop the character’s persona, working with Track Town Canada. Owner Joel Leveille says, “Construction of Fast Eddy was tough. We worked under a tight deadline but were able to complete the project in one week and about 120 man hours. We were pleased to be able to donate the costume, valued at $7,500, to such a fine organization as Track Town Canada.”

International Mascot Corporation, incorporated in 1983, has grown to become one of the world’s leading designers and producers of character costumes and mascots. They have established a worldwide presence with mascot sales and production facilities in Edmonton and Atlanta, and marketing offices in New York and Madrid.

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Fast Eddy’s not shy with the girls (or boys or kids or well, just about anybody) either. Some consider him a bit of a ham, always looking for his “good side” when the cameras roll by. But fans argues that all his sides are good sides. What do you think? Here’s some pictures of Fast Eddy posing for the press. Come out and meet Track Town Canada’s newest team member.